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Applied and Computer Optics department is one of the oldest optical departments of St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO). The department staff includes 5 professors and 15 associate professors. There are about 20 Ph.D. students and about 170 students. Applied and Computer Optics department offers bachelor program and 4 master programs, one of the master programs is in English.

Research areas of ACO department include:

  • Design and modeling of optical systems (imaging and non-imaging)
  • Optical systems and elements testing
  • Automated engineering of optical instruments
  • Design of optical devices
  • Holographic optics and devices
  • Computational optics
  • Image processing and analysis

ACO Dept. organizes Annular International Optical Seminar that dedicates to modern state and tendencies in R&D in the area of optical system design.


(7 812) 595-41-65