ћеждународный ќптический —еминар - International Optical Seminar (OS-2018)




Dear Colleagues!

We are inviting you to take a part in the International Optical Seminar (OS-2018)
in St. Petersburg, Russia in period April, 25-27, 2018


Goals of the Seminar - professional networking, ideas sharing, and continuing education in the optical system design.

Auditorium Ц scientists, engineers and students.

Working language Ц English and Russian.

Place of the Seminar Ц ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Seminar Topics

  • Optical system design;
  • Optical software tools;
  • Optical testing and measurements;
  • Image processing;
  • Computational optics.

Seminar Program

  • Plenary meeting including invited presenters;
  • Oral and poster presentations on the important issues in optical system design;
  • Panel session;
  • Master classes in optical system design using optical design software;
  • Special events for BS, MS and PhD students;
  • Lab tours;
  • Manufacturing visits;
  • Social events.


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